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„Fesztiválkatlan” dinner cruise from Tokaj”

11900 Ft

Unique and exclusive program starting from the 2017 season from which you have never heard on the river Tisza or Bodrog.

During the pleasant cruise, dinner is offered and you are invited to Tokaj which is maybe the most beautiful and modern luxurious event ship of Hungary, called Nimród.

During the 2,5 hour cruising, everybody may have knowledge about the city surrounded by rivers, extended by hills over. The served food includes traditional fish meals of course but we tried to choose other delicious ones for anybody who does not like fish. Anybody who desires to have trip without dinner is also welcomed. All tickets can be purchased at the website online,



  • HUF 8,500 /person, in case you would like to buy ticket with dinner
  • HUF 2,500 / person, in case you would like to have a trip only (the ticket includes a glass of wine or soft drink)
  • With the so-called „Fesztiválkatlan” ticket you can buy it for HUF 6,900 /person as a discounted price online at

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