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Boat Rental

M/S Tiszacsege

The first hour: HUF 50,000 Ft + VAT

The cost of the first hour is HUF 50,000 +VAT and for the further hours you need to pay HUF 40,000 + VAT.

The cost of one waiting hour is HUF 10,000 + VAT up to max the reserved number of operation hours.


Birthday or name day parties, anniversaries

Let’s have a party with your friends, classmates or family, having a perfect dinner, continuously looking at the wonderful view. It sounds good, isn’t it? Maybe for a super gift?
If you would like something other like the usual birthday parties, do not hesitate to reserve a boat on the river Tisza.

Conference, product exhibition on the ship

Why do your customers suffer in a conference room without windows? Anything that is in a closed room can be used on the waves of river Tisza, too. Even have a fantastic view! Full value place for events without the feeling surrounded by four walls.

Wedding on the river Tisza

It sounds good, isn’t it? Our ships could be well designed for any events you want with cocktail bars even cold and hot food. Using our partners ‘offers, we are also able to suggest you some menus but of course you might choose the desired restaurant.

Make your event on a ship

Whether it is a conference, birthday or name day party, wedding, wedding anniversary or just a party with friends, you are provided our staff does not know impossibility. All ideas and plans could be solved, being real so everything will be the same as in customers mind and dreams. Nimród is the exact place for everybody who wants a total unique and specific one for any events.

Would you like your event to be unforgettable? Let’s celebrate on the river waves on the board of

Say goodbye to the loved ones with the dignity of river Tisza

Water is with us from the very beginning to the end of life. It cradles, reposes and purifies us. Earthy life is also thanked to water which turns us to the eternal cycle of nature.
• Details of saying goodbye:
• Staff welcomes the mourners
• Saying goodbye according to civil or religious ceremony
• Putting the urn onto the water
• The mourners are putting flowers
• After saying goodbye, the mourner family might give some food to all relatives, family members and friends.


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